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Suzie Gump!

1972 born in Grieskirchen Upper Austria
1987 – 1991 HTBLA Hallstatt, apprenticeship as sculptor
1992 – 1995 Academy of Visual Arts, Masterclass for Medallion Art and Sculpture Art
Exhibitions in Austria and other countries
Attendance at many sculpture symposia in Austria and abroad „Avant-garde Prize” at the International Medallion Competition – FIDEM, Budapest 1994


@bout Suzie Gump!

In times of hyped modernity she is an exceptional artist. In every work of art you can find humor, esprit, magic and profundity. Suzie Gump!'s artistic spectrum reaches from sensual erotism to sacral matters.

Suzie Gump! has great pleasure to experimentalize and with her unlimited know-how she gets to the heart of her manyfold ideas.

How pleasant to meet an artist, who doesn’t superficially take oneself seriously, but the work itself!

„gump” – the American slang word for a clumsy person, shows us, that Suzie Gump! can laugh about herself, she is definitely a self-depriciating lady. The note of exclamation is the proof, that she takes her work even more seriously!

The pleasure to engage in experiments is the motor for versatile art, that never gets unamusing. Not to know what comes next is fascinating – for the beholder and the artist oneself.

René Marcel Rivière